I self-referred to One-to-One as soon as we found out we were pregnant.

I was a nervous about my pregnancy and I needed some extra support, which you can’t get through the NHS. It was great to know that the midwife we met at the start of the pregnancy was going to be with me throughout and would support us, specifically with my concerns over labour.

Katie was our midwife and I immediately felt at ease discussing my concerns and wants for delivery – which would be an elective caesarean.

During the first few appointments I made it clear to Katie that I was not capable of a natural birth and that there was no way I would be able to get a baby out of “there”! Katie was supportive and listened to my concerns – when I was ready, we very slowly started talking about why I was so scared of a natural birth and took each concern at a time.

It was when I was around 5 months pregnant that we started to seriously consider a Home Birth; my appointments with Katie, along with Daisy Birthing had really given me confidence in my ability and an understanding of what kind of birth I wanted. Seeing as I’m petrified of hospitals and needles, sending myself off for Elective Caesarean didn’t seem the best option!

By 6 months we’d made our mind up that it was a Home Birth we wanted. Telling my family our plans was met with shock and muffles that I wouldn’t be able to do it. On 25th September 2012 at 11:47 I was about to prove them wrong! Our baby kicked off her appearance with 13 minutes left of her due-date, with my waters breaking while I was getting a drink; I’d felt a bit strange all day, but it was still a shock! I spoke with Katie and she kept me calm and told me to see how things went through the night. I was having mild pains throughout the night and woke at around 6am to tell the other half that she was definitely on her way – he jumped up to pump the pool up, while I lay in bed realising that I would actually soon be giving birth in our dining room!

The day passed in a strange haze, with the contractions becoming stronger. I stayed focused and connected with the baby throughout the day, which was so easy to do in the comfort of your own home! We watched movies, ate some pizza and stayed comfy on the couch / ball!

We called Katie out at around 10pm, when the contractions were becoming pretty strong. Katie arrived around an hour later and we decided I should get into the pool. As my waters had broke, I couldn’t have an examination to see how dilated I was, so we just had to go on the contractions, which for me felt strong and were coming quickly. Katie called the second midwife, Cheryl out at around midnight and we thought it’d be soon.

Unfortunately, my contractions became a bit sporadic and I was exhausted – at around 5am, Katie and Cheryl sent us into bed for a rest; my contractions weren’t doing much and I was tiring myself out. After about an hour in bed I was jolted by a contraction not like any before and the urge to really push! We realised that the baby was on her way down and could feel the head! I got back into the pool and started working through the contractions. Again, we all really thought it’d be soon, but it wasn’t! I was starting to get exhausted again with constant pushing and almost back-to-back contractions. I did reach the stage once where I thought she just wasn’t going to come out… THEN, at 11:47am on the 27th September after a push we got a head pop out! It was a surprise for us all and the most amazing experience I’ve ever had in my life.

India Rose was born in the water, I lifted her out onto my chest, Dad cut the cord – she cried for 5 seconds and then looked at me and I’ve never felt love like it! A home birth was the most amazing thing we could ever have done. It may have been longer than if I was in hospital, but I was in control, which was the most important thing!

I’m forever grateful to Katie and Cheryl for the support and hope that our story inspires others to have a Home Birth.