I got in touch with ‘One to One’ when I first discovered I was pregnant, following a recommendation from one of my best friends who were also using the service. Being a first-time mum, I didn’t know what to expect from pregnancy but from my first appointment with the lovely Donna, both myself and partner were put at ease and had everything explained as to what we could expect over the next 9 months.

I was classed as high risk from the beginning and think it can be easy to feel that your pregnancy will be filled with problems as a result of this, which with me being a natural worrier would be easy for me to do. Again, Donna explained everything to me throughout the 9 months and made me feel relaxed and not stressed. If I had a question she was at the end of the phone and with regular appointments and scans our relationship soon developed. From the moment I found out I was pregnant I was scared at the prospect of giving birth and as a result of this along with me being high risk I felt that a hospital birth was the best and only option for me after all everyone told me that everyone has their first child in hospital, right?

With only a matter of weeks before my due date, both myself and my partner attended the parent education class run by Rachel. Us, along with 4 other couples attended the class and when asked who was choosing a hospital birth over a home birth, there was a full show of hands. The parent education class was a turning point for us. This was our first opportunity to look at hospital v’s home birth, looking at the benefits to both. By the end of the morning session, our minds had been changed. Everything the hospital could offer such as epidurals, instrumental births were everything we didn’t want. Having initially told Donna we didn’t want a home birth, on her next visit we let her know that we had changed our minds. We chatted it through with Donna talking about our worries and concerns, nothing was too much trouble and she promptly gave us a little shopping list in preparation for giving birth at home, main items being a hose and tap adapter.

On the 2nd Feb at 6.30am, my waters went at home. First thing going through my mind was thank goodness it wasn’t the 3rd as on my midwife visit earlier that week Donna let me know she was on a course over in Sheffield that day and wouldn’t be available. I couldn’t imagine having 9 months with Donna and her not be there at the birth. At 6.40 I was on the phone to Donna who again put me at ease and would be round shortly to check on me. In the short amount of time it took Donna to arrive my contractions were coming very regularly and the first thing she asked was where was the hose and the tap adapter, my response: B&Q. I’ll openly admit that I always think I’ve got plenty of time to do things. My partner Pete was dispatched to buy these and then before I knew it I was in the birthing pool. It was the best feeling being at home, I had everything I needed and didn’t feel the slightest bit stressed. Donna was joined by the lovely Danielle who I had met before. Both were fantastic and were the perfect midwives for me.

At 5.24pm our beautiful baby girl Charlotte made her appearance. In the days that followed the care we received from One to One was outstanding. Donna spent most of her weekend on her days off with us helping me with breastfeeding as this wasn’t easy for me or Charlotte. Sammy the MaMA visited on the Sunday and along with Donna helped me with breastfeeding. I couldn’t have done it without them, when they weren’t with me they were at the end of the phone, it was amazing.

Can’t believe I’m now approaching my discharge visit. It’s been an amazing 10 months and can’t thank Donna, Sammy and the rest of the ‘One to One’ team enough.