When I was 30 weeks pregnant with my first daughter I discovered the delights of One to One Midwives! I was under the care of Becky and she was an amazing help throughout the last legs of the pregnancy and postnatal, unfortunately I decided to have a hospital birth and it scarred me for life.

When my daughter was 1 and a half we decided to try for another baby, so she could have a sibling. We got pregnant quickly but unfortunately lost “Pumpkin” when I was 10 weeks pregnant.

The recovery from the miscarriage was a tough road; I suffered from depression and very mild PTSD for a few months after. I finally turned a corner and decided it was time to try again, I obsessed over the conception with lots of pregnancy tests and ovulation strips, but eventually we fell pregnant again! I was relieved but also VERY anxious about the pregnancy. I suffered from Hyperemesis, which made me very sick for the first 12 weeks, but to my relief all of the scans showed up normal.

The pregnancy was rough, the Braxton hicks were horribly strong and I had an irritable uterus. My midwife Becky was also expecting a baby around the same time as me, so unfortunately I had to part ways with her care, but she couldn’t of picked a better midwife to take her place, this is when I met Lucy! She was such a huge support in helping me choose to have a homebirth this time around!

When I reached 40 weeks pregnant, I had had enough! Lucy gave me a sweep but nothing came from it. When I was 41 weeks she came and gave me another one, this time it worked! She did the sweep around midday and she left telling me that she would be back later to deliver my baby, little did she know she was right. My surges started straight away, they weren’t that strong but they were coming regularly. My partner decided to start blowing the birthing pool up to make sure it was ready, but we didn’t fill it because my surges were not strong enough to make me believe I was in established labour.

At around 6PM my partner got us a McDonald’s and we sat watching Netflix whilst eating it, I had to breath through the surges, but I could still eat! Halfway through eating something clicked inside my body and the surges were instantly very very hard to manage, I knelt down leaning over my birthing ball and swayed the pain away, with the help from some relaxing music, candles and incense! At that moment, we realised that we hadn’t filled the pool up with water, so Dan started to fill it up whist I was working my way through each surge. I reached a point within 30 minutes of strong surges that I could no longer talk through them, and the moaning had started, so I called Lucy to make her way around. The pool was only half full, and with only being in ‘established labour’ for an hour I had started screaming, Lucy turned up just as my waters broke and she was in the door only 10 minutes before she caught my baby! Only 10 minutes of pushing, no pain relief and a lovely home birth later, my little baby girl arrived at 8:08PM. I got into the pool with Olivia when it was ready, so we could relax and try to get the placenta out and 2 hours after the birth it finally made an arrival on the toilet!

I could not have asked for a better midwife to be at the birth, she was such a huge support and made me feel so secure! Lucy is a lovely midwife with a heart of gold, and now I’m nearly 5 weeks postpartum she is still there for us when we need her, especially because I’m going through a rough time with Postnatal Depression, she is helping me through it!

One to One is such a lovely service for women, and I’m so glad I got to experience my perfect birth! More women should get the chance to do it! Thank you Lucy and of course Becky for both being my rocks during the toughest but most amazing times of my life!