I was lucky to find out about One to One Midwives at 8 weeks pregnant and was assigned my own midwife Donna Wright. I saw Donna for every appointment and she was always at the end of the phone, professional and caring.

Donna suggested having a home birth, something I had not considered before as we are an hour away from our local hospital.

This was my third child and I’d had no previous complications, so after talking it through with both Donna and my husband we decided on a water birth at home.

My due date approached and passed, so 3 days after my due date I decided to have an accupuncture session to encourage labour. I had the accupuncture at midday and my contractions started at 8pm. I rang Donna who arrived at 8.30 whilst my husband was busy filling the birthing pool. I bounced on my ball listening to my favourite music, breathing through the contractions. Once I got in the pool, the water helped me relax further and aided by the gas and air I felt so peaceful and in control. I loved the fact that although I knew Donna was present, she did not intrude or examine me, she said to do what my body wanted and to trust my instinct.

At 10.10 pm our baby daughter was born in the pool. We then moved to the sofa to cuddle baby Zoe, whilst Donna completed her checks and paperwork. We where all tucked up in bed just after midnight and Zoe fast asleep in her Moses basket.

Zoe is 8 weeks today and continues to grow and thrive, she is still incredibly chilled and happy and slept for 10 hours last night- she is just a dream. I would thoroughly recommend One to One. Zoe’s birth was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.