I got told about the One to One service by a friend so I looked into the service. Although my story is not about a home birth it is about the amazing lady that has literally been part of my life for the past 10 months.

When I first spoke to Jenna (Liverpool) she instantly just made me feel at ease.

I explained about why I had wanted to use the service as my main goal was to have a person I knew who I felt comfortable with and would give me that support after the baby was here.

I never saw the same person twice with my first child and I struggled breastfeeding, and this was something I so wanted to do yet was told I could not. So, after talking to Jenna she advised me I could do it and would ensure I would.

Over the pregnancy I got gestational diabetes so I was consultant led and offered to be induced. Jenna literally supported me on everything and gave me so much advice on collecting colostrum before getting induced to give baby after birth (this was one of the major factors I struggled with my first as I could not feed he was given formula). I was shown how to express by hand. Jenna made me feel so confident and to take control of things something I felt I had previously lacked.

I had my little girl New Year’s Day in hospital and I again did struggle feeding but I took charge. I prepared all my expressed colostrum and I continued to do this in hospital and once I was home we combi fed and I then saw the MaMAs with One to One.

As the days went on and as hard as it was, I kept going, still combi feeding but with the support I had from Jenna and Michelle I managed to feed her exclusively in the end. She 9 weeks today and is thriving she loves her milk and I’m so proud of myself.

I guess with my story I know it’s not the birth I’m praising but the service. I will forever be so thankful for all the support I got. Breastfeeding was something I dreamed about doing and I’ve done it. Just everything about this service is amazing! I used to call Jenna my little ‘call of the midwife’ and I can see how lucky people are to have somebody who does become part of the family. Not only was she amazing with me but with my little boy, so again thank you for everything!