For our first baby we had planned for a home birth but ended up being induced in hospital as he showed no signs of coming out under his own steam. This time round, we chose One to One again, knowing the benefits of having one midwife who gets to know you and comes to your home.

The due date came and went, and I was convinced that I’d end up being induced again,

but a few days later I felt some sensations which turned into contractions quite quickly.

We monitored surges for only half an hour (and called One to One to let them know things were starting) before my waters broke and were a golden colour – which I knew meant there may have been meconium in the water. I had been expecting a long and relaxed early stage of labour (assuming that the last one was so quick because I was induced) but this time again, things happened very quickly – as soon as my waters went, the contractions were very strong, and we called Michelle, the ‘buddy’ of my regular midwife, and asked her what we should do. She recommended we go straight to hospital because of the meconium, and Stu called an ambulance, but in that short time I was experiencing much stronger surges, and so I asked Stu to ask Michelle to come around and bring gas and air! Thankfully she was happy to do so and turned up very quickly. She has a look at me and said that moving me wasn’t likely as we were probably very close, and then got to work supporting me – lights off in the bathroom, gentle encouragement, and really just leaving me to get on with things, checking every so often to ask if I was ok. When I felt like it was time to push she encouraged me to do what I felt was right, and not too long afterwards my baby girl popped into the world, on the bathroom floor.

We lay back against the wall, and I held her close, she latched on, and generally we cuddled until it was time to cut the cord (which Stu did). As we waited for the placenta to come out, I felt a little faint, and so lay on the floor – the placenta came out ok, but my blood pressure dropped and Michelle suggested that we go to hospital as my BP remained low, even as I lay on the floor drinking Lucozade and eating choccy buttons! An ambulance arrived, gave me fluids and took me to the hospital, where I was found to have a 3rd degree tear (no wonder, given how fast baby made her appearance!). I had it repaired, which was painless and relatively relaxing, oddly, and was back in bed snuggling my new daughter a couple of hours after leaving the house.

Although we ended up in hospital, I was glad we had a home birth as it was nice to be in familiar surroundings, and not have to go somewhere while in labour – having to go to hospital at the right time always sounded like a hard thing to manage. I do, however, like the fact that at having planned a home birth, at any point, for any reason, you can still choose to go to the hospital, and One to One will support you in getting there. All in all, One to One is a fantastic service!