I’m just looking through pictures of my daughters birth and realised I never actually shared our experience on your page!

I couldn’t recommend One to One enough. One to One were recommended to me around half way into my pregnancy and its the best decision we could have made! I loved seeing the same midwife all the way through, being at home for all my check-ups and that our other two little girls were so involved!

They would listen in with the doppler, ‘help’ with my blood pressure and if they ever had a question they only had to ask and our midwife was fab with them!

I was helped with my birth plan (third time and I’d never written one before) and all my wishes were followed. Every decision we had to make was so well informed due to our midwives knowledge and experience.

Unfortunately when the time came our baby girl chose to arrive while our midwife was on leave. I had the worry of not knowing the person who was going to be there for us (I needn’t have worried) From the moment I rang the midwife she was great with me and put me at ease straight away. She came out to me and I was only in early stages but because she lived further away from us she stayed with us and got some rest so she was still there if we needed her (It was the middle of the night) the whole experience was amazing!

My birth plan was followed in every way and I laboured for a long time in the pool without pain relief, something I could never have done without her support and belief in me! I eventually had gas and air and the time came to push!! I felt so much more in control, it was me who felt if the head was there and it was me who knew exactly where my baby was.

I did it. I couldn’t believe it she was on her way! My partner just jumped in the pool and caught her, Georgie Rae 6lb 15oz of perfection, such an amazing experience.

The calming reassurance and advice from the midwife all the way through made the whole experience so much more relaxed. My mum woke our girls up and the came down to meet the new addition (they didn’t know the sex) they looked themselves to find out they had a sister and then helped cut the cord. Such lucky little people!

Georgie is now almost 5 months old and doing fab! She’s a happy content little water baby and I can’t thank this service enough for the support they give! After seeing the short baby blues with my other two babies I cant believe how much difference this whole experience made to me postnatally, I was on such a high and felt so positive!

Thank you so much Sarah and Amanda your amazing! Xx Sorry it’s taken me so long to send this in xx