I was referred to One to One when I discovered to my great surprise that I was expecting at 23 weeks. As you will imagine, to make this discovery so far into my pregnancy took a lot of adjustment, but my One to One midwife, Karla Burke, was marvellous. I am 34 years old, never backwards in coming forwards and have a lot of experience working for and with the NHS.

I have high expectations of clinicians and am probably regarded as a nuisance by most services! Karla has never disappointed me.

Karla was always very supportive, providing me with the information I needed to make decisions about my care during pregnancy and birth. She was always respectful of my decisions.

She is an excellent communicator and we built a great rapport as she was always totally positive and gave me lots of helpful feedback. Karla took the time to get to know me and understand my priorities. I felt we were a really good team: my boyfriend and I worked in real partnership with Karla. I think that one of the real strengths of the One to One model is the continuity of care it represents. I felt safe because Karla had been with me from the day I discovered my pregnancy. I knew I could contact her with any query or concern, no matter how small or silly, and that she would be happy to help.

Most importantly (and in my experience, sadly lacking from my local hospital Trust’s midwifery service) Karla has a really kind heart and cares very much about the women and babies in her care. It is easy to see that she loves her job.

I really wanted to breast feed my baby, but was aware that lots of women and babies find it challenging. I can’t praise Karla highly enough for the advice she gave me to help me. My confidence grew with her encouragement and now my daughter is 8 weeks old I’m proud to say she has grown too (by 3lb 6oz since birth – all on breast milk!)

Karla discharged us last week and I was close to tears. She will care for hundreds of women and babies during her career and I know they will all remember her fondly.

Thank you to Karla and to One to One for allowing such a talented midwife provide an excellent standard of care. I believe its something all women should be entitled too and services elsewhere could learn a lot from you – if only they would listen!