My birth story..

Cheryl was my midwife from the very start and I never looked back. She helped me to believe in myself.. I really wanted a home birth but I thought it would never happen, then on the 30th of March I started getting back pain. I called Cheryl but the call got diverted to Lauren and she came out to me. When she got to me at 12, I was only 1-2 cms and the pain was getting worse,

I had planned to have no pain relief and I just kept thinking I can’t do this.

I told her if this isn’t labour i can’t cope, but she reassured me that everything would be ok and to call her if the pain got any worse. Then at 8.20 p.m. that night the pain was worse and coming a lot more regularly, so I called her back and I told her I was at 8 cms. I was so excited it was nearly time to meet my baby boy. We filled the pool up and I was in the pool from 10 till 1:16 the next morning when Riley Haldon-Rutherford was born on his due date 31st March 2012 weighing 7.8 and a half oz. I got exactly what I wanted… a home birth with a pool and no drugs. If it wasn’t for the amazing One to One service this would never of happened.

Riley is now 6 weeks 5 days and he’s amazing and brings a smile to my face every day. Thank you One to One. Cheryl has just discharged us and we miss her coming to visit us already.