Where to begin… I found out about One to One through a friend, who had a twin home birth with them and after talking about my medicated, unsatisfactory hospital birth with my first, One to One seemed perfect. I looked further into the service as soon as I was pregnant with our second, but unfortunately we were out of the area, however, when we moved house (which we had been planning to do anyway) we were able to qualify for a One to One midwife, I was elated!

The day Becky came for our ‘booking in’ appointment I was still trying to persuade Matt (my other half) that a home birth was a good idea.

Within 5 minutes of Becky being here, he agreed! I trusted Becky near enough as soon as we met, she put us at ease, and answered all our questions brilliantly with her vast amount of knowledge and with honest ‘real’ advice (not just quoting text books like some people do).

With the exception of a chest infection, a water infection and eczema, the rest of my pregnancy was all perfect. At 38 weeks exactly my waters went, I was a mixture of excited and concerned…Becky was on annual leave until Sunday evening and it was only Saturday morning! Although Rachel came to check me over later that day, and I kept having irregular but fairly strong pains, but no real progression. Sunday was the same, Kelly came to check me over about 9AM, as Rachel was with another labouring lady. At about 10PM, I had some very long contractions and called Becky, Who told me to put my TENS machine on, and call her back in an hour to let her know how I was. I called at 2AM. I was still only contracting every 5 or so minutes and they were now only lasting 1-2 minutes. I called back at 4AM, I needed reassuring, I didn’t like ‘not knowing’ (I had back labour with my first so this was all new to me). At 6AM I knew “this was it”, I got Matt to phone his mum (to have our little girl) and packed a few random bits for him to take with her, I called Becky who suggested we might need to begin filling the pool, but that would have to wait until Matt was back from taking our little girl to his parents (2 minutes away, luckily). By 6.30, Becky had arrived, her and Matt began filling the pool, dimming lights, making a brew etc. I asked for gas and air, and once I’d got it and was on the birthing ball the frequency of contractions became slower, so I was instructed to go up and down stairs a few times. It took one trip and they were back!

Next thing I remember is taking a bite of toast (that I assume Becky had told Matt to make for me) and with that bite of toast I needed to push. I was trying to eat, growl, push, stand up and breathe gas and air at the same time! Becky helped me into the pool and I quickly relaxed. The next thing I knew I was pulling my boy up out of the water and sitting down in the pool with him in my arms. I had only been in the pool 5 minutes! His cord was around his neck and he needed me to breathe on his face before he took a breath, but he was perfect, totally perfect. We waited for the cord to stop pulsing and tied it off and cut it. I fed him, then he had cuddles off his daddy whilst I birthed the placenta. The only time I was touched was when I was checked if I needed stitches, I’d had a natural birth and physiological third stage and felt amazing! It’s all thanks to One to One and especially Becky.