At my first home visit back in August, I was taken aback by the service that One to One deliver; regular home visits and scans available in the shopping centre that I like to go to has been brilliant.

I have never stayed in a hospital and the thought of that along with the stress of fighting traffic and parking was daunting at the beginning of pregnancy, however One to One

felt not only convenient but also a luxury. Many people asked me if it was a private service that I was paying for!

I felt lucky to have been given Donna Grayson as my midwife, she is very experienced, approachable, friendly, chilled out and down to earth, we instantly clicked, and she became a familiar friend. I appreciated the time she has spent with me. I had a panic at 23 weeks and Donna came around on a Saturday morning to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. I will never forget her reassurance and support.

I planned a homebirth; I installed a hot tap with a new hose pipe, put up my affirmations and fairy lights, made a Spotify playlist, bought snacks and drinks for the midwives (3 times because they kept going out of date!) gathered towels and pillows and put down Vis-queen… I had the pool inflated for 3.5 weeks!

As my due date came and went, I felt overwhelmed by people’s curiosity, I didn’t have the answers to their questions and I eventually turned my phone off for 2 weeks and deactivated Facebook, it was a horrible time.

At 40+16 I went for a scan and they found the baby had no water around him, that along with my swollen legs and feet and increasing blood pressure resulted in me going to Warrington Hospital to be induced. After 6 hours of ridiculously painful contractions it was concluded that the scar tissue on my cervix (from abnormal cell removal in 2013) was stopping it from opening and a C-section was the right thing to do. My absolutely perfect little boy, Stanley Rod, was lifted in front of my eyes at 22.31pm weighing 7lb 15oz. We still had our wishes respected in the hospital, we had delayed cord clamping, my partner was the first to announce our babies gender out loud and they parcelled up my placenta for me to bring home. The staff were absolutely brilliant, and I’m no longer scared of hospitals!

After a night of painful breastfeeding with a lot of tears and a complete meltdown, I asked for help from the One to One MaMA Kat Hassell, she’s also been my friend for a long time. Kat has been an absolute knightess in shining armour, I had previously taken our friendship for granted and never realised how much I would need her. Thanks to Kats support and advice I have confidently and discretely breastfed my baby on a plane, on the beach, by the pool, in Wetherspoons, in Asda cafe… pretty much everywhere! Kat has taught me to express/freeze milk to give me the freedom of actually leaving my baby with a relative for a few hours.

Both Donna and Kat gave us positive advice on taking our baby abroad and at 6 weeks we flew to Spain, something we wouldn’t have done without their support, I am truly grateful to them both xx