When I found out I was pregnant with our 5th baby, having had previous complicated, high risk pregnancies (high BMI & cervical procedures) I was very anxious. I’d been recommended the service by a friend who had said she felt so much more supported by her midwife. I also liked the idea that you had one midwife that cared for you throughout your experience and that they came to your house

(because let’s face it, carting 4 children to an antenatal appointment isn’t fun!) so I choose One to One because I was so tired of seeing a different midwife at every appointment, having to explain my history over and over because they hadn’t read my notes.

I signed up online and got a phone call within 24 hours, from my amazing midwife Kim. She arranged to come over and see me the following week. My previous pregnancy was high risk due to my waters breaking at 31 weeks and my daughter being premature, I was classed as high risk this time around too. Kim explained my options and made me feel at ease. I would still be able to have the home birth I’d always wanted. She arranged for me to see the consultant. I had to have extra cervical scans (which were all thankfully okay) and I had lots of questions for Kim. Even though it wasn’t my first baby, she always made me feel like I could talk to her. She was always professional and made me feel reassured. She included my other children at every one of her visits!

I finally made it to 37 weeks!!! Kim came over to do an antenatal appointment, offered me an aromatherapy massage – amazing! We thought we had 3 weeks left, but this baby had other plans. At 37+3, I started having what felt like Braxton hicks around 7.30pm. After a few hours, the pains weren’t regular or getting stronger. I called Kim at 11.20pm and explained what was happening. Luckily, she lived close and came straight over. When she turned up, we had a chat, she set up the gas and air for me. Kim asked if I wanted a birthing pool – I knew there wasn’t going to be time to get the pool up and filled so I asked to be examined to see if anything was happening. I was 5cm, it was 12 minutes from the point of the examination finishing to my daughter bring born at 12.37am. It all happened so quickly, yet it was so perfect. Kim was amazing. I don’t think I would have been so calm if she wasn’t there with me.

The following 6 weeks I saw Kim and my MaMA Tina every week. They both looked after me and Lennie so well. She was weighed at each visit and putting on roughly a pound a week. The care we received with these two ladies was hands down the best I’ve experienced. Both Kim and Tina are wonderful, friendly warm people, who we are lucky to have in our lives.

I have recommended Kim and Tina to my friend who is pregnant and If I was to ever mad enough to have any more children, Kim would be the first person I would call to be by my side. Thank you One to One.