I found One to One Midwives through a forum after I had an early miscarriage on a recent pregnancy. When we became pregnant again we decided that we wanted the personalised care we would get through One to One rather than the standard, see a different person every time care from the NHS.

Right from our first booking appointment we both felt at ease with her.

She always took time in the appointments to answer any questions and explain everything fully.

She came to our scans and made sure that she was always available at the other end of the phone. When she wasn’t around her lovely buddy Sue was always on hand instead!

Leading up to my due date I had a few false starts. I contacted Debi on one occasion, then later had to ring her again to let her know nothing was happening. She was great and put our minds at ease that I would eventually go into labour. I always felt like she genuinely cared about me and my pregnancy, and always made the time to give us the best care. She even came to the hospital days after my due date to have an extra (rather last minute and hurried) scan to check my baby wasn’t breech and sat with us for hours while we waited to be seen. We didn’t get our home birth in the end, but Debi stayed with us for nearly 12 hours until we had our transfer, which we don’t feel could have been avoided in the circumstance. She knew exactly how to help us both throughout, including when to give us some space to be alone as a couple.

We can’t wait to get pregnant again and contact One to One with our referral and we will most definitely be asking for Debi. Even after a difficult birth she put us both at ease that we can do it again and we will once again be aiming for a home birth! Thank you so much from us all Debi!

From Emily, Sean and baby Archie