My little girl is already 6 months and I have finally managed to put this together. Sorry Lucy!

Lucy was my midwife for the majority of my pregnancy recommended to me by a friend for her outstanding help and support and she certainly didn’t fail to please!

So October finally arrived and I was getting impatient, as I was slightly overdue and far too excited to meet my little girl.

We had decided on a hospital birth only because this was our first child and we didn’t know what to expect.

I remember waking up at 2am in cold sweats and thinking something’s happening so I snuck off to the bathroom and sure enough I was getting contractions. I rang Lucy who explained I still had a long way to go. With each contraction the pain was getting stronger and sure enough they were more regular. I rang poor Lucy again at about 4am and she advised I wait until the gaps were shorter in between each contraction. The pain started getting really bad at this point and I was the typical woman in labour you hear about screaming and crying at her partner, I needed him to ring Lucy again. At 6am I couldn’t have been more happy and relived to see Lucy. Although the pain felt unbearable it was calming having her there and I managed to last another two hours at home.

Come 8am I just couldn’t handle the pain any longer so Lucy sent us to the hospital to get some stronger painkillers until we were allowed in a room and she could join us again. I remember the midwife at the hospital examining me and explaining that the baby was back to back which was why I was in so much pain. They offered me a Tens machine and some painkillers. I also hadn’t eaten in hours as the pain was making me feel sick so I was handed a slice of toast and we were left to make ourselves comfortable on a sofa. I wasn’t dilated enough to be given a room yet. As soon as I ate the toast it came straight back up so I was offered an anti sickness injection.

We sat in the waiting room for a good two hours until the midwife returned and told us that I was nowhere near giving birth yet so we could stay in that room but we would be there for several hours if not days so she advised we go home and come back. Upon hearing this I felt deflated at the thought of hours upon hours of pain. So off to home we went, luckily we only live down the road so we were home within 5 minutes.

I plonked myself down on the sofa and concentrated on my breathing letting the contractions flow through me. I also had this pressure, which I had mentioned at the hospital making me feel like I needed a wee constantly! I decided to get up off the sofa and attempt to go upstairs to the toilet this was within 20mins of getting home from hospital. I was half way up the stairs and the pressure just DROPPED, she was on her way! ‘Matt the baby is coming’ I screamed at the top of my voice. There I am running up the stairs, as the adrenaline kicks in with one hand held firmly under my crotch to make sure the baby just didn’t fall out. I just wanted to make it to the bathroom I was thinking ‘not the carpet please not the carpet’ and there is Matt running full pelt behind me. We make it to the bathroom and he’s telling me to push, I’m leaning over the bath and 2 pushes later she’s out and he’s delivered her.

There she is my beautiful healthy baby girl after 9 hours of labour. I get in the bath and we ring an ambulance and Lucy. Obviously Lucy being the superwoman that she is arrives first and we cancel the ambulance. She helps me deliver the afterbirth and stitches me up with no complications. We were very lucky. If that wasn’t enough Lucy and Kelly even cleaned everything up for us the angels!

And there you have it! It’s safe to say the next one will definitely be a homebirth!!! Thank you for everything Lucy and I am so happy it turned into a homebirth even if unexpected as you made it perfect for us. Thank you One to One!