Hi I just want to start by saying how fantastic the One to One service really is.

I didn’t know about this service until my GP put me in touch with them and I would recommend it to anyone.

I wasn’t with them for that long as I sadly had a miscarriage at what I thought was 10.2 days, but when having my internal scan I was further gone.

My One to One midwife Ben Worth came round to introduce himself to me and my husband as soon as my GP got in touch, which was lovely as when you go to hospital to see a midwife you don’t always get the same one, so you instantly you get attached & feel more comfortable.

A few weeks later we made our 12 week picture scan for Thursday 22nd December. However, sadly on Sunday 5th December I started with some brown spotting at night which carried on until Tuesday, but Tuesday it had turned red with slight cramps which is when I became more concerned. I then phoned the One to One service and a lovely midwife called Sue Collinson answered and came round straight away even though she wasn’t on call at that time! She did a quick assessment and phoned round every hospital to see if they’d do an emergency scan. All the hospitals were fully booked or out of scan opening times but she worked her magic to get me into the women’s. I rushed over and just as I had been called into the Drs room I passed an enormous amount of blood. I thought my baby was gone but when the Dr assessed me, my cervix was still closed so they sent me home until Wednesday morning when they did my internal scan. I knew my baby had gone, I felt it happen the night before (tuesday) at 8.30pm when I went to the bathroom, I just knew it had gone as everything felt so different. My cramps stopped, breasts weren’t tender and I didn’t want anyone touching or going near my tummy. After that I had blood tests done to monitor the HCG level which was still very high. My midwife Sue kept in touch throughout all of this then rang and told me that I was Resus B Negative! Which i didn’t know I was and fortunately she had found out. With this information I learnt that my body being of a negative blood type and my baby being positive my body was fighting against my baby as it thought it was foreign blood. Sue came round as I had to have ANTI D injected so my body doesn’t fight the next pregnancy. The hospital said they weren’t willing to give it to me but I’ve read this before where people haven’t been given ANTI D so then every pregnancy after this resulted in miscarriages!

I am so grateful to Sue and the One to One team for giving it me as I won’t be as worried for the next time. I know I’ve had the injection for my body NOT to fight the baby again. I just want to say this is the best service available for caring, friendly, 24 hour support, and PLEASE FIND OUT YOUR BLOOD GROUP AS SOON AS YOU BECOME PREGNANT SO THIS WON’T HAPPEN TO YOU.

Thanks for reading, Hollie.