My midwife was Cheryl.

I am a young first time mum and she helped me a lot during my pregnancy! I was forever texting her for advice, she was brilliant. I wasn’t due until 19th April, but on 10th April I was woken early hours in the morning with really bad pains, I text Cheryl and she came to see me that day bringing the pool, giving me advice and also got me a Tens machine to use 🙂

The pains were irregular until late Thursday 12th April when they started to get worse.

I called Cheryl and she advised me to have a bath and try to have a sleep as the birth was getting closer and I would need my energy. I had to call her again about 3am as pains were too bad for me to cope with and Cheryl was at my flat within an hour with gas and air. She stayed with me throughout the night until my baby boy Sonny arrived Friday 13th at 4pm! I was gutterd when i had my last visit from Cheryl.

I think the One to One midwives are great and have recommended them to everyone I know who is pregnant!

Thank you for everything Cheryl!
Love Rebekka Jay and Sonny x