I would just like to thank you for the servicve we received and to share my birth story.

I started with One to One when I was over 20 weeks pregnant and was introduced to the service by Maureen who had taught us hypnobirthing. It was the best decision we made and our midwife Lauren was amazing. We wanted to have a home birth and we both felt comfortable with her straight away and knew that she was the midwife for us!

She was always available for advice throughout my pregnancy and went above and beyond what I imagine she is paid to do.

I went into labour at about midnight on a Friday night and my husband rang the on call midwife about 2am. She let Lauren know that I was in labour and even though she was not on call that night she still came along with Cheryl. She arrived at 3am and I was so happy to see her. My labour had been going really well but when she arrived I was having a bit of a panic. I thought I couldn’t manage without pain relief but Lauren talked me through it and reminded me of the birth she knew I wanted. I am so grateful to her for that, because of her I relaxed and I had the birth I had been planning for months. Whilst she was helping me Cheryl and my husband filled up the pool with buckets as quickly as they could. Both Lauren and Cheryly supported me through the rest of my surges and Faith was born at 4.50am after just 1 and a half hours in the pool. It was an amazing moment for us and I am glad it was Lauren there to share it with us.

Lauren and Cheryl left us about 7am and left us to enjoy the day with our gorgeous daughter. We did just that although I just could not get Faith to breastfeed. I rang Lauren and she came over that night, despite having worked all day and been up all of the night before! She helped me hand express and then came daily to help Faith to latch on properly. I cannot thank Lauren enough for all of the help she gave us with breastfeeding. I honestly don’t think I would have been able to continue with the feeding without her help and support.

Both Faith and I are great now (Faith is 7 weeks old) and the feeding is going well so we have been discharged from One to One. Although I am happy that we are all well I was sad for Lauren’s visits to stop! I think it takes a really special person to be a midwife and Lauren is the best as far as I am concerned. You could tell it was more than a job to her and she genuinely cares about all of her women and babies. I hope she can be our midwife as soon as we have our next baby.
Every woman deserves the level of service we received and we are so grateful to everyone at One to One

Sarah, Will and Faith