So, I’m just under 4 weeks into being a mum of two! But whilst I’ve got that rare luxury of a quiet 10 minutes and a hot cuppa, I thought I’d share my birth story.

From week 3, like in my first pregnancy, Hyperemesis hit me like a brick. I prayed, and I prayed it was just a bit of morning sickness which would pass after 12 weeks like every person would tell me it should… it didn’t.

After a couple of visits to my midwife, I realised I needed to go back to One to One for more support throughout my pregnancy. I’d used them with my daughter and received such a high quality of care, it made me nervous to think this time wouldn’t be as good. Boy was I wrong! From the day I met Beckie, we just clicked. She saw straight through my classic line of “I’m fine” and knew I was struggling with my anxiety. Since then, she has been my absolute rock!!

Fast forward to 38 weeks pregnant, induction date had arrived at last! Even I couldn’t cope with another 2 weeks of projectile vomit after every sniff of food. On the 2nd September 2018, I practically skipped into the Women’s hospital, only to be greeted with a worst-case scenario which put the fear of god into me. We were told induction had no guarantee to work, we could still be there in 3 days’ time (like the poor lady in the bed next to me). I felt my heart break a little. After 5 hours of walking the halls, jogging/waddling up the stairs and a good ole short bread biscuit, I felt that first real twinge I’d been waiting for. Within 20 minutes of that twinge my contractions got stronger and stronger to the point they were 60 seconds apart.

My midwife came to tell me she needed to give me an injection to slow them down as my body wouldn’t cope. She left to get the medication, came back 5 minutes later with a very shocked look on her face asking me if I’d be able to walk to delivery. Well that was a close call to say the least. I climbed onto the bed, listening to the panic in the room, I hadn’t given the poor woman the chance to get any supplies for the birth.

With just 2 pushes, in 4 minutes, my baby boy was born at 16:02! Weighing 7lb on the dot. If every labour was like that I’d have 10! Shame about the pregnancy.

Since his birth, I’m still seeing Beckie who is giving me the most amazing support. Just by sitting and listening to me have a little moan about my day makes my worries that bit easier to deal with. During this time I also met Polly her buddy. This lady is just amazing! She made me laugh through the times I wanted to cry. These midwives are the women who put the real definition of care back into Midwifery! I’d have been lost without them and will honestly miss them so much when they need to say goodbye.