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One to One Leeds Baby  

A friend who was training to be a midwife made me aware of the One to One service. I had recently moved to Leeds at 30 weeks pregnant and up until that point I had seen 5 different midwives and 2 different consultants. I got in touch and was amazed that I was able to refer myself directly; within a couple of days I was contacted by Sarah, a One to One midwife and informed that I had been allocated to her caseload.


Third time’s the charm  

So, after 6 weeks, I am finally finding some time (time to myself is nearly non-existent with 3 children!) to write about my third birth, my second with One to One and first water birth! I have always wanted a water birth, but with my first in hospital there were no pools available as they were very busy, and with my second he came so quick at home we didn’t get the pool filled up in time! It became my husband’s mission from day one to give me the water birth I had always dreamed of.


Operation home birth  

To say I was a nervous expectant first time mum was an understatement. After two years of trying to conceive and two miscarriages later, I found myself full of anguish and stress during the first trimester.

After discussing my predicament with the GP, it was suggested that One to One midwives could be worth careful consideration given the greater level of support they could provide.


Beautiful One to One Homebirth  

I was about 15 weeks pregnant when I decided to transfer my care to One to One Midwives. I had heard about them via my maternity reflexologist and it seemed like the ideal option for me. I was particularly drawn to the fact that my antenatal care would take place at home, which was really appealing as it meant I didn’t need to find someone to look after my toddler or take him with me to appointments.


Best early Christmas present ever!  

Our One to One midwife is Karen Fagan and from the start she was warm, reassuring and positive about the home birth that myself and husband had discussed.

We had only been talking about a home birth for a couple of weeks prior to meeting Karen as we had always thought that with our first baby it would be safer to be in hospital and we had never considered having Harry at home until a midwife had spoken to use about it at an antenatal class.


An amazingly supportive midwife and service  

I have been meaning to post my story for a while but I have been struggling to put it into words about how much my midwife and birth meant to me.

The day I found out I was pregnant I rang One to One Midwives as I had heard about them when I was 38 weeks pregnant with my first. My first appointment was with Lucy at Costa in Crewe…


Light at the end of the tunnel. Lumen’s birth.  

This is not a recount of a dream home birth but my story about how love, care, knowledge, choice and strength won when my home birth dreams fell apart.

In May 2017 I found out I was expecting baby number two. After an unplanned section with my first baby I was already looking forward to the opportunity of having a successful home birth.


Home Birth en Caul  

Felix John David was born en caul at home in water at 8:38am on Sunday 13th April, this is the story of his amazing birth.

I had planned a home birth for my first son Thomas but unfortunately things had not gone to plan and I ended up with a blue light transfer at 10cm and pushing due to meconium in his waters. It was the most horrendous ride of my life and subsequently I ended up with a horrible memory of a bad birth experience.


Home birth really is stress free!  

It’s tinged with a bit of sadness that I write this (totally in a good way!) that I only found One to One midwives and my lovely midwife Kim, when I was pregnant for the last time! – we don’t plan to have anymore as our family is complete! I would’ve loved to have had the same continuity of care with my last 2 pregnancies.


One to One understands how special and unique each individual pregnancy, birth and antenatal journey is. We love sharing these moments and memories with you.

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