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A Calm and Peaceful Birth  

I had my last appointment with my midwife, Jo yesterday and it was a genuinely sad day.

I decided to contact One to One Midwives when I got pregnant with my second child as I thought appointments at home would be more convenient with having a toddler. It was in fact so much more than that!


Amazing Home Birth  

I wanted to have a home birth with my first son, but not knowing what to expect and the negativity I received on the issue, we decided the hospital was probably for the best (even though I hated hospitals and didn’t feel relaxed or comfortable in them!). After managing to get to 7cm at home and remaining relaxed, when I got to the hospital I was no longer calm and in control and ended up having an epidural and then forceps.


It was all worthwhile  

It was 1st July, a day I had never really thought about. For the past nine months, everything was building up to 30th June: Due Date. But here I was, 1st July. Still pregnant!

For the past few days I’d had a few mild cramping pains, and I’d experienced a few that morning. I’d explained this to my One to One Midwife, Jo, when she came for my 40 week appointment.


My pregnancy, labour and birth story  

We found out that we were expecting in July 2017, as soon as I accepted this (I was in shock that it had happened so fast) I emailed One to One Midwives. My sister had used them in her pregnancy and she couldn’t rate them higher! I liked that they work around you and that it is a personal service!

After an initial phone conversation, I was booked in with Gail.


My Natural Home Birth after THREE Caesareans!  

I just have to tell you about my daughter’s wonderful, amazing, inspiring birth.

After having THREE previous caesarean sections for various reasons, I had almost given up hope of ever having the experience of a natural birth. When I became pregnant with my fourth child, I wanted to try for a natural birth, but internally I was very nervous. (more…)

Thank you to my One to One Midwife  


I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve appreciated One to One and my Midwife Lisa Sheridan.

I fought long and hard to get this service within my area of Warrington after a long slog it paid off and I had backing from my GP and the Consultant at Warrington Hospital.


New Years Eve Spectacular!  

Our birth story is so fantastic, I feel like I have to shout about it from the rooftops!

Our time with One to One Midwives started in 2012 with our first pregnancy, however, our first three pregnancies didn’t leave us with any babies. We had two miscarriages and one ectopic pregnancy. The first few weeks of our latest pregnancy we were nervous but at the scan of our 12-week appointment, we hoped we were on the right track.


A journey I will never forget  

Since February last year Ailsa has been not only our midwife but a true friend. From the first time she walked through our door she made my husband and I truly at ease.

At 7 weeks, I had blood loss which I know can be normal but was terrifying as I thought I was losing another baby as I miscarried last year. Ailsa did her upmost to get us an early scan which thankfully she managed to do.


From Elective Caesarean to Perfect Home Birth!  

I self-referred to One-to-One as soon as we found out we were pregnant.

I was a nervous about my pregnancy and I needed some extra support, which you can’t get through the NHS. It was great to know that the midwife we met at the start of the pregnancy was going to be with me throughout and would support us, specifically with my concerns over labour.


One to One understands how special and unique each individual pregnancy, birth and antenatal journey is. We love sharing these moments and memories with you.

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