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Birth Stories

Unplanned homebirth  

I was recommended to One to One by my mother-in-law. She had heard about them through my sister-in-law who was also expecting, but we were both unaware of each others pregnancies at the time.

I met Karen and instantly I knew she was the right midwife for me. She was so caring and thorough with every visit, and I felt like I’d made a friend for life.

I was always unsure on whether I would have baby at home or in hospital, but due to a blood issue towards the end of pregnancy myself and my partner decided we would feel more comfortable in the hospital.

On the day I went into labour I’d had some new blinds fitted and then decided I needed to clean my sofa! I was on my hands and knees for a good hour, scrubbing away! and that night I went in to labour. I started having pains around 12am, I thought I just needed the toilet, so off I went and then got back into bed. Two minutes later I needed to go again, this time I had my show, so John (my husband) rang Karen and informed her. She advised us to try and relax and get some sleep as this could go on for a while with it being my first labour! I don’t know exact timings but before I knew it I was in full on labour!

I’d attended the One to One hypnobirthing class with my husband and I’m so glad I did. My contractions were so random but they came on thick and fast. The breathing techniques were really helping but I said to John I needed some pain relief! He went downstairs and came back with one paracetamol. To say I wasn’t impressed was an understatement, but I was in to much discomfort to argue! John rang Karen again, and told her he could see a sac! Karen told John he needed to ring for an ambulance as she didn’t think she would make it on time. John stayed on the phone with the paramedics and they ended up talking him through the delivery! John delivered Rory on his own, with just the operator for instructions and he kept me so calm! All I remember is roaring to get him out!!

From start to finish I was in labour for around 4 1/2 hours! The paramedics turned up around 5 minutes after Rory was born and then Karen not much longer after that! I was sooooooo happy to see Karen’s face! I felt so well looked after. Maeve (our second midwife) came shortly after, who I was also pleased to see! They looked after me, Rory and John so well!

I decided to breastfeed Rory and Sammy was my MaMA. She came round a couple of hours after Rory was born and she was absolutely fantastic! I don’t think I would have got so far without all of her support and guidance! I’m 6 months down the line now and still breastfeeding.

I would definitely recommend One to One to my friends and will hopefully be back in the future!!!


Relaxed Homebirth  

From the start being with One to One was such an easy and relaxed experience compared to my first pregnancy. It so much easier having your midwife come to you and with Jill her visits were like having a friend round for a brew and a chat, rather than the quick in and out to see a midwife for 5 minutes. It felt personal rather than just being a patient.


Very speedy home birth  

I first heard of One to One Midwives from a poster in a local coffee shop. I had just found out that I was pregnant with our second child.

When I registered many people had had the same idea and the service was oversubscribed. For the next seven months I continued with the standard midwife care until luckily there was a space with One to One and I was assigned to Donna.


Orion’s birth story  

So, my husband and I had wanted a homebirth with our previous children however, due to pregnancy and labours unpredictable challenges this wasn’t possible until now.

My two previous births had been in hospital and induced by IV drip of Oxytocin which took away some of the natural moments we wished to have – moments such as walking around during labour and a serene atmosphere (difficult in a hospital ward).


Everyone should have a One to One Midwife  

I registered with One to One after hearing about it at an aqua natal class I was attending whilst pregnant. I was sceptical at first, it seemed too good to be true, one midwife that you see throughout your whole pregnancy, whose with you at the birth and in those important first few weeks.

One to One had only recently come to our area, so I was about 28 weeks pregnant at the time of registering.


Our Home Birth Dream  

After trying for almost three years; I finally fell pregnant with our second child. I had no idea One to One Midwives even existed until my husband found a leaflet in his workplace. I signed up and never looked back.

I had a pretty traumatic labour with our first born and although I birthed a healthy boy, it wasn’t a memorable time – I really wanted for my second to be different and knew exactly what I wanted.


Birth story of Chloe Anne  

Had my daughter arrived a year earlier would I have planned a home birth in our mid terrace where I could hear the fish tank next door? Perhaps not. Had my husband not been comfortable with his role in supporting the practicalities, could I have birthed at home? With difficulty. Had I had to depend on calling the hospital at the time of labour to see if a midwife was available to attend a home birth, would I have felt relaxed enough to pursue it? I doubt it.


One to One helped me have the natural birth I wanted!  

My story really begins 3 years ago when I had my first child. Five days after the birth and completely out of the blue, I experienced hallucinations, paranoia and delusions, was sectioned and diagnosed with postpartum psychosis. The labour itself was a 60-hour test of endurance, which I felt I had failed. I was sent home from hospital twice, only being 3cm dilated, and ended up having an epidural on day 3.


Special home birth of baby Nia  

Kim Crowe only became our midwife when I was 20 weeks due to our original midwife leaving, but I instantly warmed to Kim and felt completely at ease with her due to her kind, gentle nature. She made me feel so reassured throughout the rest of my pregnancy, as she was so knowledgeable (and just lovely!) She empowered me to believe in myself and my body’s ability to give birth naturally.


One to One understands how special and unique each individual pregnancy, birth and antenatal journey is. We love sharing these moments and memories with you.

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