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Unbelievable care at every point throughout my pregnancy, labour and early motherhood  

I chose One to One after my friends recommended their services. At this point I was just a couple of weeks pregnant and completely clueless about my options. I met Debi and the fabulous team within days of contacting them – the first in a series of convenient, personal appointments always with Debi, and always a completely open book for discussing what was available to me.


Harlan’s birth story  

The proper place to begin my birth story is by saying how much I hated being pregnant. We were fortunate enough to conceive pretty much immediately, but before I had time to get excited about the prospect I was sick. Every day. I was nauseated. All day. I travel for work and I puked my way around Norway, the Channel Islands and the USA.


Third time’s the charm  

So, after 6 weeks, I am finally finding some time (time to myself is nearly non-existent with 3 children!) to write about my third birth, my second with One to One and first water birth! I have always wanted a water birth, but with my first in hospital there were no pools available as they were very busy, and with my second he came so quick at home we didn’t get the pool filled up in time! It became my husband’s mission from day one to give me the water birth I had always dreamed of.


A little unexpected  

My little girl is already 6 months and I have finally managed to put this together. Sorry Lucy!

Lucy was my midwife for the majority of my pregnancy recommended to me by a friend for her outstanding help and support and she certainly didn’t fail to please!

So October finally arrived and I was getting impatient, as I was slightly overdue and far too excited to meet my little girl.


Third baby and first home birth  

I had my third baby and first home birth with One to One Midwives and can honestly say it was the most perfect birth and everything I ever wanted.

I reached to 41 weeks which was normal for me as both my other two were born in the 42nd week and my midwife Donna came to see me in my own home, which I loved as having two others under three made it much more convenient.


Couldn’t ask for a better service  

On Sunday night I was sure I was going into labour so called my midwife who came and set up the pool around 1:30am. I was losing my plug a bit and things were progressing nicely but were manageable, until the sun started coming up around 4/5am when everything just stopped.

My midwife went home and the pool came down. I continued to have irregular contractions for the next 2 days.

On Tuesday evening Ben (my other half) and I went to the cinema. Through the movie the contractions were getting stronger but still very irregular. Ben suggested I called my midwife in the car on the way home to let her know. We got in about 9:50pm at which point I called my midwife again and asked her to come over as they had got a lot stronger and closer.

Helen arrived and started setting up the pool just before 11. Ben drove my mum home (who had been babysitting our 18 month old) and started filling the pool when he got back again. My waters then broke and I told Ben to give up with filling the pool and come rub my back. I knelt down and used the pool to lean against and used some gas and air. After about 15 minutes of pushing a foot came out. It was swiftly followed by another foot and then the rest of her and she plopped to the floor at 11:47pm.

I was the first person to touch her and we had skin-to-skin for a good hour or more. Ben tied her cord tie and he cut the cord after I delivered the placenta naturally, and she got herself onto the boob within 20 minutes of being born. Poppy was born to Etta James’ “At Last” which was ironic!

Helen, who was new to One to One halfway through my pregnancy, has been utterly fantastic and I could not feel more empowered and happy with how everything went! I was feeling very pressured by the hospital to not have a homebirth due to her being breech and was even offered a c-section fairly early on. I’m so glad I had One to One to give me an informed decision and support me with my choices. Couldn’t ask for a better service!


Thank you for your tireless commitment and support  

We first found out about One to One when we attended NCT antenatal classes, I was 30 weeks pregnant. At the time I didn’t feel like the midwife I saw at the GP was particularly interested in her job and it seemed like she was just ticking boxes. Therefore we felt it was worth self-referring to One to One for the remainder of my pregnancy.


Everything I wished for and more  

Before I start my amazing story I would like to thank One to One, especially midwife Mary Richie for her AMAZING care.

Right from day one when I met Mary I knew she was special and I knew that she was the right midwife for me. Throughout my antenatal period my wishes were discussed at length, I felt fully supported and in control of my choices.


Much anticipated home birth  

My first labour, 7 years ago, was very quick and I didn’t enjoy the hospital experience, so on hearing about One to One a few years ago I just knew that was what I wanted for my next birthing experience. I just loved the idea of a personalised experience, someone you could build a rapport with and get to know like a friend. Upon meeting Ellie Smith, me and my partner felt that she was the perfect midwife for us and our baby.


One to One understands how special and unique each individual pregnancy, birth and antenatal journey is. We love sharing these moments and memories with you.

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