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Second to none care  

Having found out I was pregnant; my initial instincts were to see my GP which turned out to be a waste of time. I was referred to the Community Midwives and attended at an appointment where I was left feeling more confused than when I went in! As a first time mum, I was full of questions and felt like none were really answered.


Home comforts made for a perfect birth  

I was 24 weeks pregnant when I referred myself to One to One. I’d never heard of them before, but after hearing a few ladies describe their experiences, I filled out a self referral form and received a call from my new midwife (Jo Lambers) the very next day – “Don’t worry, write down ALL your questions, even if you think they are daft and we’ll talk through them when I pop round to your house next week” – the whole sentence was music to our ears.



My poor midwife has been (nicely) pestering me to write my birth story for ages. To be honest the fact it is now five months since I delivered my gorgeous baby girl reflects how difficult it has been for me to write about my pregnancy and birth.

After I had my first baby, my son, I basked in the afterglow of labour. I was that woman all women hate.


4 minutes and he was out  

So, I’m just under 4 weeks into being a mum of two! But whilst I’ve got that rare luxury of a quiet 10 minutes and a hot cuppa, I thought I’d share my birth story.

From week 3, like in my first pregnancy, Hyperemesis hit me like a brick. I prayed, and I prayed it was just a bit of morning sickness which would pass after 12 weeks like every person would tell me it should… it didn’t.


Lola’s Arrival  

I had heard of One to One before I got pregnant, but didn’t use them until just after 20 weeks. I was given the lovely Donna, who made me feel welcome on our first visit, answered all my questions and I couldn’t wait to tell my partner everything. At my next visit I then had Becky, who was going to be my midwife from then on and I’m so glad she was!! It felt like I was just having a catch up with a friend at every check up.


Home Birth despite being High Risk!  

Disappointed didn’t even come close after begging two consultants for a home birth with my first pregnancy. It was a huge blow to my confidence and to my ideal birth plan that I had envisaged.

We had IVF and were classed as high risk and after a huge amount of hospital appointments we really wanted to be in the comfort of our own home when our very special baby came along.


Mothercare, a leaflet and a One to One Midwife  

Our Story..

I discovered One to One after a trip to Mothercare Bromborough, i had picked up a leaflet and had a look online about the service they offered, after reading that the midwives come out to your home to do your visits and that you are appointed the same midwife throughout your pregnancy I decided to self refer to this service.


Ideal candidate for a home birth  

My big boy Rafael born at home on the 18/8/2004 at 12.21AM weighing 11lb 5oz.

After finding out I was expecting my third child I decided from the start I really wanted a home birth. I started my care with the NHS, and to cut a very long story short, I was told that I was not an ‘ideal’ candidate for a home birth and that I would not be able to have the birth I wanted.


Not as planned  

I went into labour on Saturday 14th April 2018 at about four in the morning, after my waters had broke. I rang my midwife, Gail Brennan to let her know. At the time I was excited, yet nervous as I was expecting my first baby. I had planned a homebirth, so I rang my mum and she came over with my stepdad.


One to One understands how special and unique each individual pregnancy, birth and antenatal journey is. We love sharing these moments and memories with you.

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