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Couldn’t have wished for more  

I was lucky to find out about One to One Midwives at 8 weeks pregnant and was assigned my own midwife Donna Wright. I saw Donna for every appointment and she was always at the end of the phone, professional and caring.

Donna suggested having a home birth, something I had not considered before as we are an hour away from our local hospital.


A beautiful home birth and baby Ivy  

As a first time mum I was considered crazy by family and friends when I told them I was considering a home birth. However after switching to One to One Midwives at 20 weeks into my pregnancy, I had a whole new confidence in myself and the natural process of birth.

My midwife was called Tammy and from the first time I saw her,


My beautiful birth  

It was 7.50 PM and my waters went as I was putting my younger 3 children to bed. I kissed my son and daughters goodnight and sent my husband Adam a message to ask him to come home from work. My contractions were coming around every 9 minutes at this stage and felt a lot like period cramps.

Adam arrived home around 8.10 PM and I decided to have a bath whilst Adam filled up the birthing pool in the living room.


Home Birth en Caul  

Felix John David was born en caul at home in water at 8:38am on Sunday 13th April, this is the story of his amazing birth.

I had planned a home birth for my first son Thomas but unfortunately things had not gone to plan and I ended up with a blue light transfer at 10cm and pushing due to meconium in his waters. It was the most horrendous ride of my life and subsequently I ended up with a horrible memory of a bad birth experience.


My Amazing Experience  

I surprised myself and I think a lot of people around me that I had a perfect (and luckily for me!) problem free home birth. I had all of my antenatal appointments with Michelle, who was amazing, and a midwife I became familiar with and trusted to be my main carer throughout my pregnancy and labour.


Empowering Birth Experience  

Seraphina Skye Edwards was born on 15th May, 2014 at home in the pool at 3.25 am. She came into the world completely calm and looking around. For me, my birth was a totally amazing positive experience. Seraphina is my second child. I also had a lovely home birth with my first although my labor was quite different. I used similar techniques for both.


Just a normal home birth (thanks to One to One!)  

I’d heard about One to One from the mums attending my breastfeeding support group. So when I became pregnant with my third child I knew who to contact.


Amazing Home Birth  

I wanted to have a home birth with my first son, but not knowing what to expect and the negativity I received on the issue, we decided the hospital was probably for the best (even though I hated hospitals and didn’t feel relaxed or comfortable in them!). After managing to get to 7cm at home and remaining relaxed, when I got to the hospital I was no longer calm and in control and ended up having an epidural and then forceps.


A first time mum and a One to One Midwife  

My midwife was Cheryl.

I am a young first time mum and she helped me a lot during my pregnancy! I was forever texting her for advice, she was brilliant. I wasn’t due until 19th April, but on 10th April I was woken early hours in the morning with really bad pains, I text Cheryl and she came to see me that day bringing the pool, giving me advice and also got me a Tens machine to use 🙂


One to One understands how special and unique each individual pregnancy, birth and antenatal journey is. We love sharing these moments and memories with you.

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